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About Us is a quantitative research website that uses technology to simplify the process of investing in financial markets. Our goal is to provide quantitative data and ratings to assist investors in the decision making process.

One of our aims is to create new strategies that provide alpha. We try to identify several uncorrelated factors that have indicative value about the future returns of a security, and then combine them to create a robust system. Using this process, we've created a stock rating system, an ETF rating system, and a dividend stock rating system.

Our usage of computers helps to keep our stock and ETF rating systems objective. None of our ratings are calculated or based on the opinion of an analyst or other person and therefore remove emotion from the process. As many investors have found out, allowing emotion to drive decisions can be extremely detrimental to the value of one's portfolio.

While most of our strategies are free, we also have some stock selection systems available only to premium members. We try to price it as low as possible to make it accessible to as many people as possible.