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Stock Selector

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The Stock Selector system is a proprietary system that picks stocks for the next month. It ranks stocks by how often they appear as buys in multiple sub-systems. These sub-systems use several different time-tested investment strategies which improve returns. Because of the difference in investment styles used by the sub-systems, some stocks will be growth picks, some will be momentum picks, and some will be value picks. The variety of styles used by the Stock Selector system lowers the risk of underperformance during times when one style or strategy is out of favor.

We also have a selectively hedged version of this strategy. This version keeps its stock exposure at the level indicated by our market model by hedging with the UltraShort S&P 500 ETF (SDS) whenever the indicated exposure is less than 100%. By doing this, it attempts to reduce risk at the same time as improving returns slightly.

Quantitative Systems Consensus Picks Performance

 Stock SelectorSelectively-Hedged Stock SelectorS&P 500
Standard Deviation8.14%6.9%5.76%
Max Drawdown25.8%25.9%24.92%

Each 4-5 weeks we update a model portfolio of the top ten stock picks of our Stock Selector system and a selectively hedged portfolio of our Stock Selector picks. Gain access to these model portfolios by taking a free 14 day trial subscription to our premium service.